Are your everyday routes optimal enough to save you the most?

Routing+™ is Arute’s Route optimization solution using highly advanced metaheuristics algorithms designed to minimize the total cost of optimization. It is designed to solve the following planning challenges of everyday operations by land vehicles:

High Operational Costs: With rising oil prices, the less the vehicles travel, the lower the costs. If the same operation can be carried out with fewer vehicles, the better it is for the total cost of operation.

Low Utilization of Vehicles: If a business already owns vehicles, it should utilize them as much as possible. Low utilization of vehicles indirectly incurs costs to the total operation.

Strict SLA Requirements and Penalties: For businesses serving other customers, they should abide by certain SLA requirements which if they cannot adhere, they would need to pay penalties. Any planning needs to account for the hard constraints of SLAs.

Long Plan Creation Times: For daily operations, for multiple plans, for situations in which there needs to be additional plans produced for changing traffic conditions, all this planning has to happen fast, within minutes, otherwise the window of optimization opportunity might be lost.

Arute’s Routing+ solves all of these challenges and provide optimal routes within minutes which minimize cost and conform to SLAs!

Routing+ has 3 flavors:

Long Haul Fixed Routes

  • Order to vehicle assignments for predefined routes
  • Capacity or weight optimization for each vehicle and each route
  • Optimal reconstruction of fixed route based on changing orders with demand prediction

Last-Mile Distribution

  • Optimal routes for daily distribution of any type of goods (cold-chain, boxes, FTL or partial, etc)
  • Uses real-time traffic data for dynamic optimization when necessary based on adhoc requests or traffic conditions
  • Can both optimize distance or time travelled or a combination of both

Field Operations

  • Optimal routes for sales people or field personnel who needs to visit points without any load
  • Workload balancing between personnel and for days of week
CIT Routing+

CITRouting+ is a special case of Routing+ Distribution for Cash Operations. It calculates the optimum number of resources required for the operation adhering to different constraints and creates optimal set of routes for a fleet of CIT vehicles.

Using both statistical and live traffic data, CIT Routing+™ supports online optimization process for dynamic optimization of the routes during the operation for any unplanned events such as ad-hoc FLM, SLM requests of out-of-cash replenishments or re-optimization of remaining routes under traffic delays.

With the mobile companion application for field tasks, all of the personnel on the field and in the office are seamlessly connected and organized via a central planning operative. Drivers gets their daily tasks and routes directly through the Routing+ Mobile App.


  • Geographical and time based clustering
  • Master Planning for optimum number of resources
  • Live fleet tracking via Operational Dashboard
  • Drill down reports per vehicle, CMC, cashpoint, etc
  • Dynamic Re-Optimization of Routes
  • Routing+ Mobile App for tracking field personnel
  • Simulations for different scenarios
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