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CITRouting+ is a special case of Routing+ Distribution for Cash Operations. It calculates the optimum number of resources required for the operation adhering to different constraints and creates an optimal set of routes for a fleet of CIT vehicles.

Using both statistical and live traffic data, CIT Routing+™ supports an online optimization process for dynamic optimization of the routes during the operation for any unplanned events such as ad-hoc FLM, SLM requests of out-of-cash replenishments or re-optimization of remaining routes under traffic delays. Drivers get their daily tasks and routes directly through the Routing+ Mobile App.

  • Geographical and time-based clustering

  • Master Planning for optimum number of resources

  • Live fleet tracking via Operational Dashboard

  • Drill down reports per vehicle, CMC, cashpoint, etc

  • Dynamic Re-Optimization of Routes

  • Routing+ Mobile App for tracking field personnel

  • Simulations for different scenarios