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Poor Cash Management can result in cash unavailability, which in turn leads to reputational damage, lost transactions and expensive emergency replenishments. Too much cash results in high costs for cash preparation, transfer and storage of idle cash (interest costs). Optimal cash management is essential in providing the best customer service with minimum operational expenses.

Cash+ is an Optimization Software Product Suite to provide cash logistics planners with decision-making support for optimal planning of daily cash operations. It accurately predicts cash-in and cash-out demands at each cash point (offsite ATM, branch teller, in-lobby ATM, etc) and optimizes daily replenishment plans at each cash point by utilizing advanced machine learning and mathematical optimization algorithms.


Cash+ analyzes cash point profiles by their variable data such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, holidays and up-to-date events and successfully provides optimum replenishment schedules and order recommendations for each cash point which ensures minimum cost.

  • Idle Cash Optimization
  • Automated Cash Planning
  • Total Cost Minimization
  • Combined Optimization – Per CMC/Route or Per Branch
  • Support for all ATM types and models (Recycle, with/without BNA ATMs, etc)
  • Broad Reporting Functions (All Information relevant to Cash Management Operations)
  • Simulation with different parameter sets
  • Performance evaluation and operation monitoring tools and reports
  • High accuracy in cash withdrawal and deposit demand prediction

    Our AutoML approach allows for continuous improvement of error metrics of forecasts through continuous retraining, model selection, parameter selection, feature engineering and hyperparameter optimization.

  • Multi-vendor Support

    Cash+ supports replenishment plans for all ATM types including BNA-only, Twin-Tower Recycle, Single-Tower Recycle, CDM, etc.

  • Advanced Optimization Models

    Cash+ supports total combined optimization for a branch, including its tellers, e-teller machines (in-lobby) and wall ATMs. Using this model, a plan allowing cash transfers between the cash points of the branch is possible.

    Cash+ supports optimization for a CMC or route of ATMs by limiting the total number of CITs or the total amount of replenishments on a given day

  • Scalability to support any number of Cash Points

    There is no limit to the number of cash points, the system can scale both up and out

    Daily plans are obtained within minutes without any compromise in accuracy using high-performance solvers

  • Simulation and performance evaluation tools

    Users can run simulations with different parameter sets. For example, a user can select to prevent replenishments on weekends to see the impact on the replenishment schedule and amounts.

Cash+™ Product Suite Modules

The simulation Module is designed to validate, optimize, and foresee replenishment cycles using different parameter sets. It allows cash management professionals to compare different results by changing operational parameters.

  • What-If Scenarios with different parameter combinations (ATM Configuration Recycle vs BNA-only, Banknote Deck Sizes, Interest Rate, CIT costs and Transfer parameters, Critical Margins, Insurance Limits, Safety Stocks, etc)
  • Compare and analyze the important metrics of different replenishment plans
  • Data-driven analysis for important business decisions that can affect the whole cash cycle operation

It is often the case that a standard optimization solution is not enough to account for the highly complex rules and the realities of the operation. Though each cashpoint can be optimized with respect to its own constraints, sometimes the need for a total optimization of a group of cashpoints can emerge. These can be in the form of (but not limited to):

  • Optimization of a group of ATMs on a single CIT route so that not every day the CIT truck has to go through almost the whole route
  • Limiting the total number of CITs on a given day for a CMC as the CIT operation might not allow for a very high number of CITs on a given day
  • Limiting the total amount of replenishments on a given day for a CMC as the CMC’s operation might not allow for preparing huge amounts of cash due to operational constraints
  • Optimization of a Branch’s Tellers, E-Tellers (in-lobby) and Wall ATMs so that the total amount of cash served by the branch is optimized and adequate for the branch’s customers
Day 1 (Salary Day)Day 2 (A lot of deposits previous day)Day 3 (Friday)
Branch Tellers+500,000+200,000-600,000
E-Teller 10-500,000
E-Teller 2+100,000-400,000
Wall ATM 1+250,000+100,000+300,000
Wall ATM 2+150,000+100,000+300,000

Sample Branch Replenishment Plans