We all depend on the products delivered to us by Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) / Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies for our everyday needs. These companies need to manufacture these products on a massive scale and deliver them all around the globe. This is not a straightforward task and FMCG/CPG businesses need to excel in the solution to the following challenges to ensure the best timely service:

  • Demand Prediction: Accurately predict future demand based on seasonality, campaigns, special days, etc
  • Integrated Planning: Generating production and distribution plans based on predicted demand, capacity, inventory, etc
  • Resource Utilization: Carefully plan and optimize machines & workers to ensure continuity of production
  • Pricing Optimization: Determine prices for maximum revenue, maximum profit, or stock clearance
  • Inventory Management: Carefully plan and optimize inventory end-to-end to ensure — on time and in full — OTIF delivery and customer satisfaction without stock-outs or excess surplus
  • Agile Planning: Efficiently adapt to changing demand or supply chain disruptions (especially in a post CoVid era)
  • Simulation: What-if analysis of different scenarios to plan for the future with the correct strategic supply chain management decisions on time

Arute Solutions products utilize Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to manage Supply Chain Planning, Decision Making and Operations to achieve:

  • Increased profit margins
  • Improved resource utilization and operational efficiency
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Superior inventory control and fewer stock-outs
  • Better supply chain visibility and agility
  • Improved service levels, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth

Decreasing your supply chain costs and increasing your compliance to strict SLAs is possible with Arute Solutions routing optimization solution: Routing+

Routing+ uses advanced algorithms to create optimal routes that minimize the total cost of the daily operation while still adhering to strict SLA requirements, in the shortest time possible. It is used to solve problems of 3 different natures:

Last-Mile Distribution
Distribution of goods/products/cash to individual order locations using dynamic optimization to account for changes in traffic or ad-hoc requests

Long Haul Fixed Routes
Distribution of goods by optimally assigning them to different vehicles to maximize capacity or weight utilized for fixed routes (typically from distribution centers to depots)

Field/Sales Personnel
Optimal workload-balanced planning of field or sales personnel who need to visit lots of locations periodically

Please refer to the Routing+ product page for more details on our Routing solution…

Our strength is our precise forecasts…

Accurately predicting the demand for each product on a location-by-location and time-frame basis is key in optimally planning many aspects of the business such as optimal pricing strategies, optimal replenishment plans for each product or distribution center, inventory management and supply chain operations.

Arute’s AutoML-powered Forecast+ Engine provides the best predictions which are continuously improving as more and more data is ingested. As we know the challenges in forecasting perfectly, we tackled all challenges that are summarized (but not limited to):

  • Various seasonalities of different frequencies
  • Suddenly changing trends
  • Peak days and outliers during regular operations

Please refer to Forecast+ product page for more details on our Demand Prediction solution …