Cash+™ Product Suite

Cash+ Product Suite computes cash demand predictions and optimizes replenishment levels at each cash point by utilizing advanced machine learning and operations research algorithms. It analyzes cash point profiles by their variable data such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, holidays and up-to-date events and successfully provides optimum replenishment schedules and order recommendations for each cash point at a minimized cost.


How Cash+ differs from its competitors:


  High accuracy in cash withdrawal and deposit demand prediction

    • We utilize a multitude of machine learning algorithms that excel in forecasting that are successfully proven in the industry and academic research. Our research team is responsible for constantly improving our algorithms by utilizing new approaches in every step of the analytic process.

  Multi-vendor integration

    • Integration to all ATM vendors and to all ATM types.

  Flexibility in reporting functions. Sample reports can be listed as

    • ATM Inventory Statistics
    • ATM End-Of-Day Reports
    • Replenishment Reports
    • Costs (Idle Cash, CIT) Reports
    • Forecast Quality Report

  Ability to set parameters and configurations per Cash Point

    • Our results are configurable and adaptable by the users to ever-changing real world situations. All parameters can be tuned or adjusted with respect to each cash point.

  Fast to manage large Cash Point networks

    • There is no limit in number of cash points, the system can scale both up and out
    • Daily results are obtained in short periods without any decrease in accuracy using high-performance solvers

  Simulation and performance evaluation tools

    • Users are able to run simulations with different parameter sets. For example, a user can select to prevent replenishments on weekends to see the impact on the replenishment schedule and amounts.


  • Idle Cash Optimization
  • Automated Cash Planning
  • End-to-End Optimization
  • Ensemble Algorithms (Improved algorithms via industry and academic research)
  • Time to Market (Faster Implementation and Integration)
  • Integration with various ATM types and models (Recycle, with/without BNA ATMs)
  • Broader Reporting Functions (All Information relevant to Cash Management Operations)
  • Simulate with different parameters (Increase the precision of business decisions)
  • High accuracy in cash withdrawal and deposit forecasts
  • Ability to set parameters and configurations per Cash point
  • Quick to manage large Cash point networks
  • Simulation and performance evaluation tools

Cash+™ Product Suite Modules

Simulation Module

Simulation Module is designed to validate, optimize, foresee replenishment cycles using different parameter sets.

Simulation Module allows cash management professionals to compare different results while changing operation parameters.

  • What-If Scenarios with different parameter combinations (ATM Configuration Recycle vs BNA-only, Banknote Deck Sizes, Interest Rate, CIT costs and Transfer parameters, Critical Margins, Insurance Limits, Safety Stocks)
  • Compare and analyze the metrics of different replenishment plans
  • Data driven analysis for important business decisions

GeoAnalytics Module

GeoAnalytics Module allows users to track real-time ATM Cash Levels on a map-based visualization interface using various heat map layers. It offers backend machine learning algorithms to support different decision making processes such as determining new ATM locations, device upgrades or consolidation of multiple networks.


  • Rich POI, Demographic and Socio-Economic Data presented as Heat maps
  • Street View Integration to view pinpoint field locations
  • Transaction Heat maps
  • Filter ATMs by TRX Amount, Replenishment Status, Critical Cash Level, Model, ATM Type Recycle, BNA etc., Region and City
  • Actual & Planned Replenishment Status and Amounts per ATM
  • Cash Level Charts per ATM

Advanced Planning & Reporting Module

Advanced Planning & Reporting Module allows to maximize the efficiency of your cash point network with advanced Machine Learning and Operations Research algorithms supported by enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Effective Performance Monitoring
  • Dynamic Safety Margin
  • Change Point and Outliers Detection
  • Advanced Planning Constraints based on Cash Center & CIT Limits
  • User Defined Performance and Configuration Alarms
  • Combined Replenishment Plans
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