CIT Routing Optimization

CIT Routing Optimization Integration Benefits to Cash Optimization System

What CIT Routing Optimization is The cost of cash operations for banks can be divided into two categories: 1. Cost of idle cash which stays in ATM and branch vaults 2. Cost of cash transfers from cash centers to ATM and branches. This operation is termed Cash-In-Transit (CIT) in financial terminology. Hence, the both numbers...
Cash Forecasting

Cash Management Optimization: Saving Millions of Dollars Every Month

Cash Management Optimization In today’s world, a lot of operational problems are solved by new technologies such as Machine Learning. In the ATM world, one of the main problems is, “How to transform the idle cash into active cash and decrease cost of maintaining cash” in an automatic way that is now solved via Machine...
Cash Optimization

Idle Cash Optimization in Cash Flow Management

Idle Cash Optimization is one of the most crucial daily operations in the banking industry. When conducted using modern statistical methods and machine learning algorithms, there is potential for huge savings through decreasing idle cash on closing balances and cost of cash-in-transit (CIT) operations. Idle cash is the cash that has not been invested in...

The Effects of CoViD-19 Pandemic on ATM Usage Patterns in Turkey – May 2020

In our last blog (, we detailed the effects of CoViD-19 measures in Turkey for the months of March and April 2020. We took the values of February as the base (100%) and except for the small seasonalities, compared February to March and April to see how the curfews and other measures (such as most...

The Effects of CoViD-19 Pandemic on ATM Usage Patterns in Turkey – April 2020

In our last blog (, we touched upon the effects of CoViD-19 measures in Turkey for the month of March. We compared withdrawals and deposits throughout the weeks in February and March to see how the CoViD-19 measures reflected for individual ATM types. In this post, we’ll examine how the overall patterns manifested for the...

The Effects of CoViD-19 Pandemic on ATM Usage Patterns in Turkey – March 2020

The CoViD-19 Pandemic has affected all countries and all citizens of the world as of March 2020. In many countries, social distancing rules were immediately put on measure and many avoided total lockdowns, but minimized social attractions, gatherings and the operations of the workforce. Turkey is a state which has taken similar measures over the...

Introduction to Test Driven Development and Unit Testing

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development methodology where to deliver a functionality, it is required to write test cases first, then produce the code that can pass those test cases. This method ensures from the very beginning that every single line of code has a corresponding set of unit tests guaranteeing the functionality...
Cash Forecasting

Cash Forecasting: Various Challenges for Predicting ATM Transactions

Cash Forecasting is the science of precise forecasting of transactions for cash points such as ATMs and Branches. Arute Solutions is the leading cash optimization company in Turkey, with its Cash+ product in charge of more than 8000 ATMs. Naturally, forecasting ATM transactions constitutes a crucial part of Cash+ solution. The forecasting task presents a...
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